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Hi, I am Joe Borek the Owner of the Sports Phanatic News YouTube page. On this page on SteelFlyers.com we will cover all things Philadelphia sports with the help of many guests. Including Steel Flyers himself and my co-host of Sports Phanatic News and True Philadelphians SportsCast (Podcast form of the show)Andrew and many more. This page will give you information on all things Flyers hockey, Phillies baseball, Sixers basketball, and Eagles football via videos, podcasts, and articles. We will cover things from Philly sports trade rumors, to front office talk, to the play on the field. This is your stop on steelflyers.com for all things on Philadelphia pro sports. If you like what you hear and watch, please like comment, and subscribe!! Also, let us know always what you would like in future content. Want to take fan’s inputs as much as possible. Welcome to the Sports Phanatic News page. Have a very nice day.


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