Back again with another exciting prospect you should be keeping an eye on. His name is Aiden Fink, a 5’9 winger out of the Alberta Junior Hockey Leagues (AJHL’s) Brooks Bandits program who has been shooting up Mock Drafts as of late. I don’t know how he does it, but year after year, their General Manager/ Head Coach, Ryan Papaioannou, continues to find these diamond-in-the-rough type players that the more prominent Canadian Junior Leagues tend to overlook. But I assure you thanks to the success of former Bandits alums like Stanley Cup Champion Cale Makar, the NCAA’s Ryan McAllister, TJ Hughes, and Zach Bookman. Fink’s success this season should not go unnoticed by prospecting NHL clubs.

Especially since Fink currently leads the AJHL in goals, assists, total points, and points per game. Yes, you read that right. To put it mildly, Aiden has had quite the season thus far. In just 47 games played, he has tallied 33 goals and 52 assists for 85 points, which, if you do the math, equates to him scoring at a rate of 1.80 points per game right now (PPG)! With this kind of production and Fink still projecting to finish the season with 100 points, he should no doubt be drafted by an NHL club this summer before heading up to Madison to play for the University of Wisconsin next season (where he is already committed).

Now, there are many things to like about Aiden’s game: his skating, his above-average passing ability, and his high hockey IQ, but if I had to pick just one thing that has scouts drooling more than anything right now, it would be his ability to find twine from anywhere on the ice. A sniper who is always locked and loaded, Aiden tends to maneuver around with covert stealth-like precision eluding the opposition until he can unload a merciless shot past their unsuspecting netminder.

While Aiden’s diminutive size may inhibit him from being a 1st round selection this summer, that doesn’t mean his stock isn’t still steadily rising. With each passing game, more and more teams’ scouts are beginning to become captivated by what he can do out on the ice. This leads me to believe that if Fink continues to work hard and develop his game over the next few seasons under the tutelage of the Badgers’ Head Coach, Tony Granto, we will be sure to see him in an NHL jersey sooner rather than later.